June 2009

Pat Martino Organ Trio
at The Art of Jazz
June 6, 2009 Trinity Stage Toronto
A report by David Fujino with photo by Roger Humbert
Pat Martino's monster reputation preceded him.

The whipping fast lines, tangy chordal riffs, and his natural feeling for the guitar — it was all there, and the audience loved it.

Aided and abetted by his two band mates — Tony Monaco on Hammond B3 organ, and Jason Brown on drums — Martino went on to deliver an afternoon's worth of serious jazz/funk fortified with stylistic echoes of Wes, Sonny Rollins, and Bird.

"Round About Midnight", the ballad attributed to Thelonious Monk, nicely slowed things down as Martino and Monaco kept everything, as they say, decidedly blue, and the soft drum accents of Brown remained unobtrusive and stabilizing.

In "Airegin", the popular Rollins' standard, Martino's fabled long lines plus blues stutters compared and contrasted well with organist Monaco's deep trough roller coaster runs and the unstoppable intensity of his blues cries in his dramatic tension-and-release solos.

But importantly, 'the cry' — 'the cry' — was always there, and the tunes were clearly more than mere vehicles for blowing.

It was the trio's clear rejoicing in the everlasting glories of melody, harmony, and rhythm, that kept connecting with this admiring and head-tossing audience.

Pat Martino
The Pat Martino Organ Trio
Pat Martino — guitar
Tony Monaco — Hammond B3 Organ
Jason Brown — drums
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David Fujino
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Roger Humbert
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