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The overall character of Interoceánico 3’s first CD Confluencia is one of finesse and beauty. For the most part, this CD imparts a mood of peace and tranquility, despite its rhythmic motifs and pulse-quickening outbursts, as it takes you into its subtle world of sounds. Interoceánico 3 is the trio version of guitarist Hiroya Tsukamoto’s 8-piece jazz/Latin (nueva cancion)/contemporary group who themselves have recorded only one CD thus far. The trio consists of Tsukamoto on guitar, Moto Futushima on bass and Franco Pinna on drums.

The thirteen-track offering is a generous one with approximately 70 minutes of music. The three musicians work together flawlessly, creating a unified style. Most of the pieces are composed by Hiroya Tsukamoto, three were collaborations of all three members and the bass introduction to “Sakhalin” was written by bassist Moto Fukushima.

Tsukamoto’s guitar style is heavily classical, precise and clear. In some tunes, for example, “Carnavalito 18” and “Bicicleta”, Spanish and even flamenco influences become evident. Precision and attention to detail is a quality the guitarist shares with drummer Franco Pinna and bassist Moto Futushima, whose melodic playing on this CD is often virtuosic. An equal part of the trio, drummer Franco Pinna’s work is exceptional throughout with lots of fine cymbal and stick work. He is not a power drummer but neither is he a minimalist drummer. His solos in “Carnavalito” and “Seventh Night” are just two shining examples of his style. “Everlasting” shows off both Tsukamoto’s beautiful playing and Futushima’s gorgeous fat bass tones, as do many other pieces for that matter.

Two pieces that move in a different direction are “South” and “Brooklyn Bound”. “South” is more impressionistic with lots of open space. “Brooklyn Bound”, the second-last piece on the CD, exhibits an uncharacteristic darkness. With its introductory off-sounding clock strikes, hammering, scraping metal and loose string sounds it ventures into avant territory. At only two minutes, thirty-eight seconds, it was over too soon.

The last piece on the disc, “Till the end of Time”, moves back to more characteristic sounds with the beautiful guitar, bass and drum work of the trio clocking in at a more satisfying five minutes plus.

Overall, this is a very fine CD of well-played and well-recorded music. Some of it is perhaps a little smooth for my taste. I do come away from my listening thinking I’d like to hear a little less reserve or a little less repetition. It’s hard to put my finger on it, because much of it I enjoyed immensely. Make no mistake, these are excellent musicians.

reviewed by Joyce Corbett December 2007

Interoceánico 3
Hiroya Tsukamoto – guitar
Moto Fukushima – electric bass
Franco Pinna – drums
The tracks
1. Lejano 2. Carnavalito 18 3. Bicicleta 4. I Was Always There 5. Tekyl Feinuhan
6. Gone 7. Seventh Night 8. Everlasting 9. South 10. Sakhalin
11. Tolerancia 12. Brooklyn bound 13. Till the End of Time
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Joyce Corbett
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