Where We Find Ourselves
Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd
Greg Chako | Where We Find Ourselves + Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd

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If you like superb guitar playing, check out both these Greg Chako releases. Where We Find Ourselves has Greg Chako playing guitar with a lively sextet and laying down a swinging mix of Latin tinged, straight ahead dynamic jazz with a sprinkling of world flavours, all as composed by Mr. Chako. A two-disc set with 15 tracks that highlight the fine playing of all the participants, a very nice sound, good compositions that are both enjoyable an uplifting, an easy listening pleasure.

Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd – Jazz Duets — if you like jazz standards performed with passion, piano and guitar, or vocal and guitar, than check out this recording. The CD is a mix of live and studio recordings with three duets. The first duet, Mr. Chako playing guitar, with Hiroshi Tanaka on piano, recorded at Kazusa Ark Akademia Hall, Chiba, Japan. The second duet with Mr. Chako guitar and featuring Homei Matsumoto on piano, recorded live at L’assiette, Sagami-ono, Japan. The final duet, The 'Smooth As Silk' duet features American vocalist Andrea Hopkins with Greg Chako on guitar. There is some beautiful playing on this recording with wonderfully fresh renditions of classics, such as “Portrait Of Jenny,” “Autumn Leaves” and “Who Can I Turn To.” Andrea Hopkins on “I Could Write a Book” sings in a style that is captivating. The complete recording is as smooth as silk, a nicely produced project that offers up some great music.

report by Paul J. Youngman – KJA Jazz Advocate – December 2006

Where We Find Ourselves
The musicians
Greg Chako (guitar), Mark Tourian (bass), Mark DeRose (drums, congas, bongos, percussion)
Andy Bevin ( tenor & soprano saxophone, flute, didgeridoo)
Robbie Belgrade ( bass clarinet, pandeiro, tabla, percussion), Pat Hallaran (trombone)

The tracks
Disc 1
1. Voyage Down 2. Wave of Love 3. Winter Solstice 4. Takachan
5. Love Goes Forth 6. Creators of Life 7. April Wind
Disc 2
1. It’s Only You 2. Long Summer Samba 3. You of All 4. Josephine 5. Dirge for Didge
6. 7-Up 7.Takachan (take 2) 8. Where We Find Ourselves

Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd – Jazz Duets
The musicians
Greg Chako (guitar), Homei Matsumoto (piano), Hiroshi Tanaka (piano), Andrea Hopkins (vocals)

The tracks
1. The Days of Wine and Roses 2. I Could Write a Book 3. Estate 4. Almost Like Being in Love
5. Portrait of Jenny 6. Mean to Me 7. Some Other Spring 8. I Wish You Love 9. Autumn Leaves
10. In My Solitude 11. You’re My Everything 12. If, Who Can I Turn To 13. So Many Stars
14. Time After Time 15. Take the “A” Train

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