Steve Amirault | Breath

Effendi Records FND059 9 Tracks

Songs Sung
by David Fujino April 2006

Clearly, Steve Amirault is a player — straight out of the modern jazz tradition.

In this instance, he offers nine harmonically rich compositions that are stately in tempo and ever ringing with the rich tones of the blues and gospel.

It seems (like Charlie Haden and Keith Jarrett) that Steve Amirault is focused on exploring the song form for its melodies and its many tonal glories.

From the opening track, "Breath", with its slow quarter note feel and its sense of optimism; to "Acceptance", where Amirault deftly spins in new tonal directions while still stating the theme; to the gently rocking and soulful "Between Dreams", the lyrical conversations and contributions of bassist Jim Vivian and drummer Greg Ritchie, are hereby happily acknowledged.

A very tasty and dare I say accomplished playing from all three musicians.

A playing in which we hear that sober Gospel optimism in the chords.

Steve Amirault – piano | Jim Vivian – acoustic bass | Greg Ritchie – drums

1 Breath | 2 Acceptance | 3 Between Dreams | 4 Foregiveness | 5 Je vois Clémente danser
6 Society Intrigue | 7 It'll be Ok | 8 If we believe in Love | 9 At the End of the Day

Recorded in 2005 in Montréal

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David Fujino
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