Aaron Leaney & Chris Dadge | Duo

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by David Fujino December 2006

I like this.

A four-year musical friendship between tenorist Aaron Leaney and drummer Chris Dadge is now documented in this live recorded CD, Duo.

Leaney works out of the Coltrane legacy, as we hear in tracks b and especially track c, identified by its repeated low note and high note theme, while partner Chris Dadge contributes his closely interactive brand of playing.

In track a, recorded July 19, 2006 — through and behind all the rising and falling burnished tenor lines — Dadge maintains an embracing and easy compositional flow of sound.

In track b, we follow Dadge as he seamlessly resolves his total kit drum solo into a pulsing steady rhythm that opens up a clear space for tenorist Leaney's concluding and effecting modal note stresses.

When Leaney plays the clarinet — as in track b — everything changes. The drums take on a rolling sound, and when cymbals are added, another new section is born in this evolving extended improvisation.

A few years back, Dadge and Leaney used to write duo compositions. Clearly, all that hard work on themes and structures paid off.

Listeners now get the full benefit of their combined energy and musical interests — live, and unplanned.

This is an artist-driven CD, and it deserves the support of jazz listeners.

The musicians
Aaron Leaney – tenor sax, B flat clarinet
Chris Dadge – drums, percussion
The tracks
1. a. 07.19.06 (15:10) 2. b. 07.19.06 (18:43) 3. c. 08.01.06 (10:51)
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David Fujino
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