I Walk Alone

Ellynne Plotnick | I Walk Alone


Plotnick has a jazz standard voice but her greatest talent seems to be in writing and arranging music. With pianist Dan Furman, as well as in her own right, Plotnick creates melodies that catch you and are complemented with strong lyric writing. They have something of the standards of jazz of the past but carry a contemporary feel. “The Absence of Light” is one of the best examples of their talents. For a little fun, listen to the “Chairs Song”.

Ellynne Plotnick sings “My Foolish Heart” beautifully and articulates the words so delicately. “The Sun Shines Somewhere” is a melancholy song that is perfect for a rainy day such as the one I am experiencing right now. All that would be needed is a fireplace, a broken heart and a good bottle of wine.

I really like Plotnick’s other songs but in “Don’t Misunderstand Me”, something seems a little off. She shines on “Illusions” and “Don’t Blame Me” (complete with ska). All in all, I Walk Alone is a fine addition to anyone’s CD collection. It’s not all sad or happy but a mixture perfect for any mood.

Sue Bullas – September 06

The Musicians
Ellenynne Plotnick – vocals/arrangements
Dan Furman – piano/arrangements
Tom Pietrycha – bass
Yuji Nakamura – drums
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Sue Bullas
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