Brenda Earle | Happening

Allsheneeds music • Asnm 0004 • 10 tracks

The difference between Earle and other female jazz singers is she does her own writing, arranging, playing and singing. She feels this makes her different ‘a triple threat’. She has a jazz core and there are pop elements to her sound as well. The jazz crowd will appreciate her piano and Joel Frahm (the sax player), others will enjoy her voice and relate to her lyrics.

Her voice has a great range and a quality reminiscent of Diana Krall. Earle has a certain kind of freshness to her music. She is another Canadian making good on the world jazz stage. Her piano playing sometimes stands out to me more than her voice.

While singing about what she may have lost or love that didn’t quite make it she sounds hopeful. Even the saxophone sounds hopeful. “Happening” is a song everyone can relate to, about finding their place in the world. “Someone else’s Eyes” is an honest song about who we reflect to the world and is the best example of showcasing both her vocal and piano skills.

This is a great CD for background at a dinner party or a bubble bath. I would recommend it for anyone. And keep an eye on this Canadian who will become more and more well known as time goes by.

Sue Bullas – May 06

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Sue Bullas
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