Christine Rosholt | Detour Ahead

Independent release 13 tracks

From the front cover you know that this CD will sound a little retro to the classic jazz age. The twenties look of Rosholt carries over into her music. With a couple of classic songs written by the likes of Johnny Mercer and Cole Porter, Rosholt has a quality jazz bar feel. Her voice has expression and I’m sure her personality adds to the live shows. You can feel her warmth and her enjoyment of these songs. This is a great CD to introduce friends to jazz. There is nothing revolutionary about her sound, but that is not to take away from her or her musicians. “Daydream” and “Bye Bye Blackbird” are two of my favourite songs.

This is a great CD to listen to while relaxing or reading the paper on a Sunday afternoon. It’s not the typical everyday jazz standards but it has a classic quality to it. (I love the picture of the dog under the CD too!!)

Sue Bullas – May 06

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Sue Bullas
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