Nathalie Choquette | Aeterna

Isba • 21 Tracks 60 Min.

The Gift of a Divine Voice
by Stanley Fefferman December 2005
This album celebrates Nathalie Choquette’s first encounter with sacred music at the age of 12. Mlle. Choquette, best known as an operatic humour diva, in the line of Anna Russell, Florence Foster and Mary Lou Fallis has the earthy knack of laughing at herself and at opera, as well as the gift of a divine voice. As one critic in France put it: "She succeeds in recreating the miracle of true emotion in interpreting Puccini, Gounod or Mozart, even while one is recovering from laughing out loud at the extravagant antics of the singer she is impersonating”. Mlle. Choquette’s divine voice is featured on this compilation CD.

Against richly orchestrated backgrounds that feature organs and choral accompaniment, La Choquette sings in Latin some of the most gorgeous, familiar compositions of Bach, Pergolesi, Handel, Schubert, Verdi, Fauré, Mozart, and Lloyd Webber. Her exquisite voice glides to empyrean heights often supported by feather clouds of female angel voices. Collectively, these performances present, in Wordsworth’s phrase, “the still, sad music of humanity”. Listen to it.

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