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Jane Ira Bloom | Like Silver, Like Song


Jane Ira Bloom has always been a compositional player rather than a heavy 'blower'; and in this new recording, with Jamie Saft keyboards, Mark Dresser bass, and Bobbie Previte drums, we experience the lonely sounds of outer space in her suite-like new CD, Like Silver, Like Song.

In reality, the quartet paints both inner and outer space as richly black and animated by streaks and arcs of silver light. "No Orchestra" for acoustic piano, bowed bass, percussion, and soprano sax, is a slow, sweet/sad and measured piece set against black, as is "Night Skywriting" which is swiftly mercurial and electronic, with its stop-and-go sounds flipping the radio dial in our heads.

The impeccable taste and soaring lyricism positively shine. "Altair" by Saft and Bloom, is very electronic, very elegant, and descriptive of outer space, while "In An Instant" is a slightly boppish line that becomes free jazz in style, where the tumbling spiraling falling thing of Jane's soprano sax puts us into a free fall.

"I Have Dreamed", by Rogers & Hammerstein, returns us to the heart, our inner space. The solo soprano sax plays the melody, with close attention paid to the sweet notes, then after a touching soprano sax and bass duet, the piece ends calmly.

Jane Ira Bloom basically comes out of the Coltrane school, but she serves the composition, and most significantly, favors the soprano sax's sweet tone instead of the nasal tone favored by the majority of players. Like Silver, Like Song, is a recording distinguished by sonic beauty and a sparse and effective use of electronics: herein vibrates the music of Jane Ira Bloom, a music of beautiful and sad dreams, a music of the heart and the stars and the night skies.

Jane Ira Bloom — soprano saxophone & live electronics
Jamie Saft — keyboards & electronics
Mark Dresser — bass
Bobby Previte — drums & electronic drums
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Report by David Fujino
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